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Security Camera Watching Driveway

Your home should be your refuge – the one place you can go to rest, recharge and relax – but all of that can change in a moment. When a home is broken into or robbed, you can lose not only your possessions, but your sense of security as well.

It’s easy to think that it happens to others and won’t happen to you, but research suggests that home thefts are on the rise and have been for the past several years. Your home could very well be a robber’s next target.

You don’t have to live just hoping an intruder won’t drop by one day. You can take active steps right now to prevent a home theft from happening to you. A vital part of preventing a home theft, and even recovering your things in the event of a home intrusion, is using home security camera surveillance.

There are several factors and features about security cameras that you’ll want to take into consideration before making a purchase. The first consideration is whether your camera will be indoor or outdoor.

Some people prefer to place cameras outside of their residence, while others prefer to place a camera in a strategic spot in their homes such as a bedroom or office – and some will use both indoor and outdoor cameras.

Once you’ve decided which type of home security surveillance camera will best suit your needs, you’ll want to consider if your camera should be equipped with night vision capabilities.

If you work the late shift, this might be a good idea to keep the burglars at bay. You’ll also want to decide how many cameras you’ll need and where they’ll be placed. For instance, the first place an intruder will often go to in your home is the master bedroom. Money and valuables are usually stored here, so it’s only logical that a criminal would visit your bedroom first.

Another consideration for those purchasing a security camera is whether to get a camera that records in black and white or color. While color is more expensive, the advantage is that it’s easier to view what’s happening in your home in real time more accurately while black and white can be a bit distorted.

You also want to go with a high resolution camera. It can be tempting to use a camera with a lower resolution and the accompanying lower price tag but don’t be fooled. These cameras are seldom as good as the high resolution version.

Once you’ve selected a camera, make sure you check out the storage limits. Will the camera store twenty-four hours worth of data? When the data limit has been reached, what happens?

Will the data be sent elsewhere or will the camera record over it? Remember, the ultimate benefit of home security camera surveillance is the peace of mind you and your family will gain from having one.

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