Going Beyond Traditional Home Security

Home Automation Control

Home security is gaining quite some traction these days. This niche market is growing enormously and all the big players are keen to gain foothold in this domain.


“Home security, though, is just one part of a bigger movement. That movement is Home Automation, and it is exploding onto the scene right now.” – House-o-matic.com:

Here are some home automation trends that can make your life a lot simpler, according to House-o-Matic.

On Demand Lighting

We are used to having a remote control for our televisions sets, but we still have to get up and hit a switch to turn the lights off or on, or to dim one. With home automation you can put an end to this. You can now download apps on your smart gadgets to control your lighting from wherever you are. This means you can switch lights on even before you arrive home!

Connected Appliances

The way to a smart life doesn’t end with just your lights. By using a smart adapter, you can control your appliances, such as your television and coffee maker. Some of these adapters can even connect to your home hub, such as the Amazon Echo. This will introduce the ability to use voice control to start up or shutdown home appliances.


Window Blinds and Shades

Motorized windows and shades have been around for a while now. Include these as part of your home automation and you can control your blinds or shades with the push of a button or even by using voice control.

Thermostat Control

Automated thermostat controls have been in use for sometime now. However, the new thermostat controls will allow new ways to control your thermostat, including setting different temperature zones within your home. You can also control your thermostat based on the weather outside.



This new technology allows you to track your water usage. For example, there are shower heads that provide information on how much water you are using. A great idea if you are trying to conserve water.

Home automation is a growing trend and we will definitely see many more new trends hitting this market.

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